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Classes and workshops that reveal your true self.

Take a break, breathe, and enter into a timeless dimension filled with images, color, form, and feeling. My classes offer you a weekly time and space to come home to your creative Self. You’ll learn how to work with the materials and enjoy seeing what emerges organically. Reflections from your thoughts, feelings and emotions appear before you as if by magic. You’ll receive the individual support and guidance to gain creative confidence, find joy in your innate creativity, and express your authentic voice.

Workshops are often focused on specific approaches to expressive art, such as Soul Collage or Dream Work. My retreats align you with the earth’s rhythms and offer sanctuary for deep creative and spiritual exploration. In either case, you’ll have the space and time to express what’s true for you, a safe place to bring deeper aspects of yourself to light.  


  • March 6
    Intro to Visual Journaling Workshop
  • March 13 – April 17
    Visual Journaling: Self-discovery through Creative Play

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“I want you to know that my experience in your class was remarkable. You are a gifted insightful and kind teacher who has inspired me to “let go” and “just be”. Thank you!”
~ J.N., Class participant

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