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Art Journaling Workshop Supplies

Here is a list of basic mixed-media journaling supplies to bring to the workshop. You’ll be delighted with what you can do with a sketchbook and some simple art materials.


Here are sketch books I recommend for art journaling. I like these books because of the weight and quality of the paper. Listen to your heart and hands as you choose the size and style that speaks to you. Some of these journals are spiral bound, and the last one on the list is book bound. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. If you are unsure about what to get, please email me.

Strathmore Visual Journal
This spiral bound journal comes in a variety of paper types. I like their “mixed media” paper. Available at Riley Street Art Supplies in San Rafael or online.

Canson XL Mixed Media
A sturdy, well-priced spiral-bound pad. Available at Michaels art supplies, Aaron Brothers and Riley Street Art Supplies in San Rafael or online.

Stillman and Birn
These are beautiful, book-bound journals with heavyweight paper. Available at: Riley Street Art Supplies in San Rafael or online

Additional Supplies

Please bring a

  • Glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • 2 colors you like of craft acrylic paint (scroll down for details)
  • A writing implement
  • Something to write in/on if you want to keep that separate from your sketchbook
  • OPTIONAL: decorative paper and/or images for collage if you have some you love (I will be bringing collage images)

Glue Sticks
Make sure the glue stick says archival and avoid anything that says “washable.” Uhu is my favorite brand. And it comes in blue, so you can see where you’ve put down the glue — dries clear!

Acrylic Paints
Acrylics are great for painting backgrounds and using with stencils. I like to use inexpensive craft paints because they dry quickly and have a matte finish so you can easily write, draw or collage on top. Available at Michaels or Blick Art Supplies

Optional Additional Supplies

If you have art materials that you enjoy such as markers, watercolor, etc., by all means bring them along. I’ll have some basic supplies and collage images for class use.

If you want to get some additional materials, here’s a few suggestions:

Posca paint markers are fabulous, and come in a variety of sizes and colors — including metallics. They are opaque and are great for both writting and drawing.

I also love Uni-Ball Gel Impact RollerBall Pens in gold, silver and white. 

Fluid and versatile. Watercolors drip, flow and blend well. So many options to choose from. If you’re just getting started go with a watercolor pan set. Many options to choose from! 


“I finished the journal I started in your class and to me it is a treasure. I loved being a part of your wonderful class. You are a special teacher! Thank you again for the experience.” ~ M.M., class participant

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