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Where does creative expression come from?

Humans have been making art since the dawn of time. In fact, we were drawing pictures, forming objects, singing songs and dancing before we ever wrote down a single word.

Art is our original language.

Why? Because creative expression offers us a natural path to a sense of wellbeing and self-understanding. We make art to commune with something greater than ourselves. To celebrate. To know and be known. Because it’s fun and pleasurable, and it brings beauty to our lives and our world. We make art to touch the world, ourselves, and each other. To say: “This is how it is.” We create art to find and express the true self that lives within all of us.

We create to swim in the great river that is our imagination.

My own life and work have centered on this: making artful journeys into revealing the healing secrets of the unconscious mind. I have created a beautiful studio, a sanctuary where this work takes place almost every day.

Allow me to be your river guide.

I offer individual therapy + classes, groups, and workshops that use creative expression to engender creative freedom, growth and transformation.

“Dear Annie, I really enjoyed the class, and I really enjoyed you. You have such a loving spirit and you made me feel welcome and safe to explore my creativity, a part of me that I hardly ever reveal.”
~ R.R., class participant

“Annie brings deep awareness to her work. She can guide you to your creative spirit that you didn’t know you possessed. She’s amazing!”
~ D.H. Workshop Participant

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